Well, Boston…it finally happened.  We thawed out!

I honestly didn’t think the day would come.  I have been watching the Charles River out of my window for weeks, wishing and willing the trees to turn green!  All of my friends and family back home in California have been laying out by the pool since February.  It just doesn’t seem right.

But once spring does arrive, my goodness is it worth it.

I love watching the trees flower.  The whites, pinks, yellows and greens make even the grumpiest of mornings turn happy.  We have been spending so much time outside enjoying this beautiful weather that I even got a bit sun-burnt this week.  While I always suggest practicing “safe sun”, it was nice to get some color!

Now that the kids can get out and play more, I’ll be bring the camera out more and more at my own house.  I need something fresh and spring like on my walls!  Do you need some new shots in your frames?  Chances are…the kids have grown a bit!  Or you and your husband have had another anniversary…?

Time passing by is something to be documented and celebrated, not feared.  You’ll want to look back on the moments of today as they are some of the best days of your life!

-E Boarman