I have heard it, and said it, a million times.  “Man, they grow up so fast.”  It’s true!  It seems that the sands of time have no patience for a parent’s desire to slow down, stop and smell the roses.

One of the greatest ways to capture who your child is today, in this moment, is to have their portrait taken.  Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor session, you can document your child in their true light, and have these images to look back onto when they are busy packing up to move on to college.  Ah!

There are a few different options for children’s portraits.  You can capture them indoors or outdoors, and you can have them take a classic portrait looking beautifully dressed or you can have them take a themed portrait dressed up as who they love to pretend to  be!

Images from a Classic Portrait Session:
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Themed Sessions:
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Outdoor Sessions: