Winter portraits can be absolutely beautiful.  The snow is glistening and  it can cast a glitter-like affect all around your photo.  It’s so romantic to be outside, especially wrapped in a blanket with your loved one in the cold.

But there’s another side of winter that should not be ignored.  Yes, the leaves are off the trees and they appear to be nothing but “twigs” at this point, and everything is an overall wash of some shade of brown.

I don’t know about you, but I see opportunity there.

Do you want a shoot where you’re wearing your latest high fashion coat?  Are you a person who loves to explore with bold colors or bold hair and make up?  This basic background will still be beautiful because I believe anything done outdoors can be, but it will really allow you to shine!

I was out scouting locations, and while my daughter was not wearing her latest runway gear, she was in a fun hot pink coat that really popped against the mid November landscape!   I can’t wait to see what ideas you have for your own incredibly colorful winter shoot!