A lot of people love to take advantage of the beauty nature has to offer when they plan their shoot.  Infact, I often shoot my family outdoors!  We usually find a park, trail, state park, or even take advantage of the empty lots next door to my home.  Nature helps to provide stunning photographs between it’s backdrop and natural light.

Sometimes though, it’s fun to think outside the box, or rather, inside the box!  Your home!

One of my favorite shoots in a couple’s home involves Solange and Zach.  They had me travel to Northern Massachusetts to photograph them in their amazing home and it’s surrounding complex.  It was just so incredible and offered the historic look only New England can provide.  The grounds were an old manufacturing building and the history was still very easy to see, both inside and out. Besides how adorable these two are together, one of my favorite parts of the shoot was seeing them in their element and knowing that I’m capturing that for years to come.  One would like to think that memories are enough to last a lifetime but the truth is simple and a bit sad: memories fade.  Because of this shoot they will always be able to see exactly how things were “way back when”.  They will be able to see the books on their book shelf, their architecturally stunning unit and complex,  the stairs where they’d catch a kiss now and then…the memories may fade, but the photographs never will.

Do you want to capture your new home with your spouse?  Perhaps a new baby that just arrived home?  Maybe you have already made years and years of memories in your home, and now it is time to move on to a new place.  Why not have a shoot to remember this moment in your life  by?