Spring is coming, I can feel it!  Even the threat of snow tomorrow won’t put a dark, stormy winter cloud over my joy.  The colors, the blooms, nature coming back to life!  And our good friend Punxsutawney Phil seems to think that we will have an early spring.

All of these emotions and the good sense of a groundhog can’t be wrong, right!?

Anyway, this is one of my favorite sessions from 2015.  Of course it doesn’t hurt that my daughter is the main subject, but I loved how green Capron Park Zoo was!  Believe it or not, over cast and cloudy days can make greens pop even more.  I don’t think that’s a scientific opinion, but it’s what I find to be true.  Briar was close to turning 3 and every year I do a little shoot to honor my children around their birthdays.  It seemed fitting that for her 3rd birthday we do an “Elsa” shoot.  She was (and still is very much) in love with Frozen and I wanted to capture that moment in time.  I took her to the park and we only spent about 30 minutes shooting, but these images will be treasured for a lifetime, and maybe many lifetimes as they get passed down.

Have you ever considered doing a stylized shoot catered to your child and who they are in this moment in their lives?  My kids are only 6 and 3, yet I am already learning the sad lesson that memories do fade away.  There are certain things I swore I’d never forget that seemed to have slipped away in my mind.  Thankfully between my mother and mother in law, I am reminded of the good, the bad, the silly and the fun memories that my children have given me that might have slipped away.  While I won’t need this photo shoot to remember my daughter’s love of Frozen, it will be so nice to have the images to see exactly how little her hands were as the played with her dolls.  It will be a gift to see the way she glowed in her beautiful blue dress.  I will laugh when I see her favorite shoes on her feet, shoes she loved so much that she had the same pair in 3 colors (blue, pink and purple)!

And it will be a delight to share these on her 16th birthday. :)