I took my kids out back for a quick session just before Fall came to us here in New England.  There’s something really special about those last days of summer.  You can feel the change coming; you are nostalgic for the memories you’ve made over the last few months.  And just like sunlight shining bright far past 6pm, you can tell that these times are fleeting.

The same can be said about these two kiddos.  I cannot believe how big they are getting.  I’m so thankful that this is my passion, and that I can take portraits like these.  I know that it isn’t cheap to have a session done.  I do feel like the investment is well worth it though.  I picture myself looking at these images when the kids are long gone and thinking to myself, “Where did the time go?”  At least I can live in the moment of these photographs.  For now, a few are happily living in my dining room frames, nested with photos from days gone by.  I cannot wait to take more next year and see how much they’ve changed!