From behind the lens…

My name is Erica and I am Thomas Jayne Photography!  I was born and raised in California, spending most of my life in Bakersfield.  My husband’s job has taken us to many different places, and we have moved around quite a lot!  But now I am living in Attleboro, Massachusetts with my beautiful little family and enjoying every minute of it.  I have loved art my whole life.  I’ve performed, created, explored; but photography is my utmost passion.  I have always enjoyed taking photographs, but when my son was born in 2009 I couldn’t help but take it more seriously.Over the last six years I have traveled from amateur to professional photographer!  I specialize in natural light photography, where I try to create portraits that will last and be cherished for generations as well as portraits that capture who you are AT this exact time in your life.   My main goal is that every client walks away with beautiful photographs and memories of a great time.


What’s in a name?

Thomas Jayne Photography was named after my son John Thomas and my daughter Briar Jayne.  They give me the most inspiration in my life, and I love that every time I say or hear my business name I think of them.


There are so many talented photographers out there. What can I offer you?

My passion is portraits.  I believe that having your portrait taken is one of the best things you can do for yourself, and your family.  Portraits stand the test of time and can be handed down for generations to come.  They can also be a beautiful gift!  Whether you want to treat yourself to document this incredible time in your life, you want to gift a loved one with your portraits (a partner, perhaps?), or maybe you want to gift someone the opportunity to have their portraits taken. Portraits are ideal for all.  They can be amazing for a single person, or generations of women, spouses, children, best friends…there are so many ways to mix and match groups that are perfect for portraits.

I think having a printed image is one of the most important things you can do.  While Facebook profiles do serve as a wonderful place for images to live for now, we cannot guarantee they will live there forever.  Times change, hard drives can crash, emails can get deleted, files can become corrupted.  Printing and loving your portraits is a time-honored tradition that is much safer than any digital image.  Once you have your digital images, how often do you look at them?  Think about photographs you had taken 5 years ago.  The ones you loved so much, you shared all over Facebook, emailed to family and friends all over the country, and even put on your Christmas card!  If they aren’t printed and in a frame on your wall, or safe in an album, where are they now?  When was the last time you were able to pull them out and enjoy them?  And will you be able to access them in 15 years?  Think about the floppy disk, it’s long since gone!  You are constantly changing, your family is constantly changing.  Hold on to the moment, capture it, and make it not just a memory but a memento.

Please feel free to contact me, and we can go over any ideas you may have.  For traditional portraiture I work out of my studio space, and for family, senior, maternity or engagement sessions I can travel to you.  I also shoot outdoors when weather permits.  (I must admit, my favorite way to shoot is outside under lots of clouds!  The light is magic for me!)  Let’s have a conversation about what you’re hoping to gain from your portrait session, and let me take your ideas and help them come to life!